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How do I access the administrator portal?

EHS staff have been granted access to view records through the People Administration portal. Log in to Saba, look for the drop-down menu in the upper right, and select People Administration. If you do not see this menu item, contact



How / why should I use proxy mode?

Proxy mode is useful for monitoring training records from a supervisor/PI's point of view or to assign training to a specific supervisor/PI's team.


When are user records updated in Saba?

Group User record created User record updated User record inactivated
Employees (including student employees)

Upon first login to Saba

Direct supervisor updated from HR records

EACH TIME USER LOGS IN: Department, ID numbers, name, email address updated from Identity Management records

MONTHLY: Inactivated if employee has been terminated in HR
Students Upon first login to Saba EACH TIME USER LOGS IN: ID numbers, name, email address updated from Identity Management records MONTHLY: Inactivated if student has graduated OR student has not been enrolled for at least 1 year
Affiliates (community ID) Upon first login to Saba Manual updates by admin only MONTHLY: Inactivated if user has no currently assigned or acquired certifications, and no new training completed within 1 year

Users can also be imported into the system or added manually by Saba admins if training needs to be assigned. If you cannot find a user in the system, contact a Saba admin for assistance.

What's the difference between direct and alternate team?

The direct manager field is populated with the direct supervisor in HR records. Records in Saba are updated weekly.

Alternate managers are manually assigned and maintained in Saba. PI data from the Worker Training Database was imported into alternate manager fields. It is being updated upon request by EHS staff, principal investigator/lab coordinator, etc. It is also being updated by Saba administrators to remove duplicates between direct and alternate manager fields (alternate manager was imported from legacy system, but also now exists in direct manager field).


What's the difference between a course and a certification?

A certification in Saba is a wrapper around a course (or group of courses) that adds due dates, expiration dates, and re-training reminders to your training profile. Wrapping a course inside a certification also makes assigning training and reporting on compliance easier for administrators.


How do I assign training?

If the course is inside a certification:



Where do I find training reports?

Log in, select People Administration, select Reports tab, click Search button to view all available reports.

View screenshots


How do I get a report on...

Contact Saba admin for advice on the best way to get a particular report. Custom reports can also be configured for you, if you have criteria you use repeatedly. Below are some examples of reports available.

Report by person

Report by course or certification

Report by supervisor/PI

Report by department

If you want to run reports by department, you need to use department numbers. A department number list is available here:

Department number lookup

  • Desktop app allows reporting on complete training history by manager or alternate manager, filtered by department

    Desktop Reporting Guide
  • Ad hoc reporting allows filter on department - contact help desk for assistance

Notes about department number reports:

While direct supervisors are updated weekly in Saba, department numbers are only updated when a user logs in to the system. It is possible for department numbers to be out of date.

Saba has the capability to store up to three department numbers per person; however, internal Saba reports (not the desktop reporting app) can only query one department field at a time.


Why does an employee have two records for the same certification on my report?

When a certification expires (because the employee did not complete the refresher by the end of the certification period), the Saba re-assigns the certification. At times, this can result in both the Expired status and the Assigned status. Neither indicates compliance.



How do I access the instructor portal?

EHS trainers have been granted access to Instructor's Desk as needed. Log in to Saba, look for the drop-down menu in the upper right, and select Instructor's Desk. If you do not see this menu item, contact

instructors desk


I have a live training class. How do I document this?

Option 1: Schedule offering in Saba

Ideally, send a Saba admin information (course name, location, instructor, max number of attendees, and start and end times) about the training so it can be scheduled in Saba in advance. This allows users to sign up ahead of time (by searching for the course in Saba OR by clicking on a link distributed via email), allows the instructor to print a roster and simply document the training by marking attendees successful after the session.

How do I print a roster?


What do I need to do after an instructor-led training class?

  1. Add a walk-in
  2. Mark attendance
  3. Close offering
  4. Assign the certification (via job role) if it's an initial training. Screenshots


Option 2: Ad hoc (one-on-one) training entry

Several open-ended sessions have been set up in Saba for recording training that is done one-on-one (e.g., fork truck hands-on, respirator fit-tests). These sessions are not available for learners to self-register. Instructors add records one at a time, as training is completed.



Option 3: Approval Inbox

Offerings that include tasks (e.g., hands-on fork truck training, respirator fit-tests) can be marked complete by either

  1. Using the Ad hoc entry method in above
    • Allows only marking complete the tasks on which you are listed as an approver. Task will be marked complete with current date.
  2. Using the Approval Inbox: Screenshots
    • Record will not be added to user's transcript until all required tasks are complete.
    • Allows recording/editing of individual tasks and dates


Option 4: Paper sign in sheet

If it is not possible to set up the offering in the system ahead of time, use a paper sign-in sheet. Make sure you get the trainees' MSU NetIDs.

sheet

After the training, if possible, add the pertinent information to the Excel template below for import.

Excel import template

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