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A. Michigan State University:

Michigan State University shall provide the proper protective equipment when such equipment is necessary to protect the health and safety of the employee. The University shall be responsible for the establishment of a confined space entry program in accordance with Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MiOSHA), Michigan Department of Public Health (MDPH) Occupational Health Standards Commission, Permit-Required Confined Spaces and 29 CFR 1910.146, Permit Required Confined Spaces (Final Rule).

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) shall be responsible for the development, documentation and administration of the Confined Space Entry Program.

B. EHS shall:

  1. Develop the written Confined Space Program and revise the program as necessary.
  2. Provide guidance for the proper selection and use of appropriate air monitoring equipment, respiratory protection and personal protective equipment to meet the requirements of this program.
  3. Periodically audit work operations and documentation using canceled permits to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the confined space entry program and ensure that employees participating in entry operations are protected from permit space hazards.
  4. Assist each Department/Supervisor in identifying confined spaces encountered by his/her employees.

C. MSU Police shall:

  1. Provide guidance for the proper selection and use of appropriate safety and rescue equipment to meet the requirements of this program.

D. Departments/Supervisors shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Identify and report job areas and locations that are or may be confined spaces. A list of confined spaces that are identified shall be submitted to EHS.
  2. Classify confined spaces as "permit required" or "non-permit required".
  3. Identify personnel who will enter confined spaces.
  4. Identify the personnel under their supervision required to wear respirators.
  5. Evaluate and measure respiratory hazards or advise personnel on routine measurement of respiratory hazards in confined spaces.
  6. Provide detailed instruction and training on confined space hazards and entry procedures to those who may enter confined spaces.
  7. Provide instruction to personnel on the proper use of equipment required for confined space entry.
  8. Maintain equipment that is used to enter confined spaces.
  9. Conduct work site inspections to review unit compliance with confined space entry procedures.
  10. Maintain records of equipment maintenance and employee training.
  11. Inform employees who may enter the permit confined space by posting danger signs or by training.
  12. Issuance and cancellation of entry permits.
  13. Establishment of a lockout program for their department.
  14. Identify and evaluate the hazards of permit spaces before employees enter them.
  15. Conduct a pre-entry briefing to inform entrants of possible hazards that may be encountered in a confined space.
  16. Identify the people who will enter the confined spaces.
  17. Take the necessary measures to prevent entrance into prohibited permit spaces.

E. Employees who may enter confined spaces shall:

  1. Comply with the confined space entry procedures contained herein and with those procedures stipulated by their supervisor.
  2. Store, clean, maintain and guard against damage, equipment used for confined space entry.
  3. Report any deficiencies or malfunction of equipment to a supervisor.
  4. Understand emergency procedures in case of an accident in a confined space.
  5. Under no circumstance enter a confined space that is suspect of having a non- respirable atmosphere, even to rescue a fellow employee.

Permit Required Confined Space Program

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